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Fishing for Freedom -- What is it?

The Fishing For Freedom - Quincy event is a great way for us to honor our Wounded Warriors and Global War on Terrorism Veterans and to show them our thanks and appreciation.

It is made possible by our patriotic American sponsors and sportsmen from the Tri-state area and from across the country.

The Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) will soon be entering its 18th year and many of our troops have served on multiple combat deployments. The stress of combat and high operational tempo has strained our military and their families to no end. We have seen and heard the stories of these heroes as many have returned home with physical injuries, but a tremendous psychological toll is also being paid by our warriors.

By their very nature, outdoor recreational activities are extremely therapeutic and have been shown through recent examples to make a difference in our returning warrior's lives. Although angling is only one of those outdoor activities, it is one that can help our returning heroes escape the hardships of combat deployments and begin the process of assimilation back into everyday life.

Every deployment has its cost. One of the small costs, but still an important one, is the time lost from enjoying the great outdoors. There is an entire fishing and hunting season that is lost to every deployment. Fishing for Freedom cannot give back that entire season, but we can give back a weekend.

We do that by taking wounded warriors and GWOT veterans out for a day of tournament fishing fun and providing them with a weekend of entertainment and enjoyment of the great outdoors.

With the assistance from a network of anglers throughout the region, as well as caring local and corporate sponsors, we will be hosting the 9th annual Fishing for Freedom - Quincy event.

This event is designed to provide our GWOT veterans as well as active duty troops with a weekend of events that range from fish frys and trapshooting, a Heroes Banquet, and fishing on the mighty Mississippi River or Mark Twain Lake.

It is about showing the troops a good time with Midwestern hospitality in an area that supports its veterans. But most important, it is about saying THANKS!


The 9th annual Fishing for Freedom event will be held on
Friday, May 31st, Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd, 2019
at Quincy, Illinois.

This year's events will have four (4) different divisions:

Staff Sgt. Matt Weichert Memorial Bass Division (Mississippi River)
Pool 19 & 20 Division and Pool 21 to Pool 24 Division

Staff Sgt. Matt Weichert Memorial Bass Division
Mark Twain Lake Division and the Reregulation Division

Allie Lymenstull Catfish Division
Pool 19 & 20 Division , Pool 21 to Pool 24 Division
and Mark Twain Lake Division

Staff Sgt. Keith "Matt" Maupin Crappie Division
Mississippi River Division and Mark Twain Lake Division


Produced by: Frank Cann & Cann Productions


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