Fishing for Freedom - Boater Information

Volunteer Boaters are the key to making this event successful

The number of Warriors that can attend our event is 100% dependent on the number of boats we can put on the water. Don't be the reason a Soldier is left on the bank, PLEASE JOIN US and help us recruit additional Boaters to make the event a success. Our goal for this year is to field a minimum of 200 volunteer Boaters, please help us reach this goal! Each year we have Boaters tell stories about how much they enjoy this event and how much their Warrior(s) appreciated their kindness and support. Many of our Boaters leave on Sunday with an indescribable feeling of accomplishment and appreciation of what our Warriors have done to protect our great country, and many of them leave with a new positive outlook on life. Boaters, we cannot do this without you!

Since inception, we have had to close the Warrior registration due to Boater participation numbers every year. You and your fishing buddies can make a difference and make sure that all Warriors that want to attend our event can make it onto the water.

Boat Information

Our goal for this year is to field a minimum of 200 volunteer Boaters. 

Any boat, 16 feet or longer, powered by a motor of 25 horsepower or more equipped with a kill switch will be accepted. All boats must meet B.I.A. and Coast Guard requirements. No over powered boats or boats with stick steering will be allowed. Each boat must have a functional bilge pump and properly aerated live wells or methods of keeping the daily limit of fish alive. All boats must have $100,000 worth of liability insurance coverage (call your insurance agent to check your boat policy - most policies meet this minimum).

Fishing Boat
Fisherman Boaters

Fishing Details

The Boater must have and be willing to provide tackle (rods, reels, artificial lures, bait, and life vests) for their Warriors to use for the day. Some Warriors may have their own tackle and are encouraged to bring and use it, but some do not own/bring any equipment and the Boater must be prepared to provide equipment for the day. Our Warriors come from all angling backgrounds from the seasoned fisherman to folks that may be getting into a boat for the first time. Please plan accordingly and have both spin-casting and spinning reels available for the novice Warriors.

No Boater will need to purchase an Illinois or Missouri fishing license for this event as we have an exemption for this weekend.

Pairings will be done by random. However, if you have a special request such as you want to fish with a Warrior that you already know, or you are a Veteran yourself and would like to fish with a Warrior from your branch of service please provide that information in the comments section of the registration form. This is a buddy bass / buddy catfish / buddy crappie tournament format but please do not forget the real purpose of this event which is to share a wonderful day on the water with one of America's real life heroes and to show them how much we really appreciate the sacrifices they make to allow us to enjoy the greatest country in the world.