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Volunteer Boaters who are also Veterans or Active Duty receive the same privileges as Warriors and are entered in Warrior drawings, etc.
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Please tell us if you will need a hotel room. (You must meet our distance requirement -- Boaters must live an hour or more away from Quincy, Illinois. If you are/were in the military, the requirement is 30 minutes). NOTE: You are responsible for BOOKING YOUR OWN ROOM! We will send you an email by May 1 with the available hotels.
How many people will be attending the Meet & Greet event on Friday night with you, including yourself?
How many people will be attending the Banquet on Saturday with you, including yourself?
How many Warriors can you safely accommodate in your boat? *
As a Boater, you are also responsible for providing fishing supplies and equipment for the Warrior(s) that you host.
We cannot guarantee requested pairings, but we work very hard to be sure that as many requested pairs are matched as possible.

2023 Boater Registrations

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Mississippi River Pool 19 - 20 - Catfish
Mississippi River Pool 21 - 24 - Catfish
Reregulation Pool - Bass